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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Sorry that I haven't been very active in this thread, I've been thinking about this game non-stop since before release and now that I have it, I've been playing it non-stop (well, kind of ... relative to my usual gaming habits, at least ). 

This game is really great. I can't believe that I've logged 16 hours in already and I'm only at village star 3, because I've been taking it slow and enjoying it so much. 

I'll post a more in-depth critique later as I no doubt have and will have criticisms, but for now I'm pleasantly surprised by how much this is meeting my insanely-unrealistic  expectations. 

If anyone wants to play add me on Switch: 4123-1847-5415 

I also play slowly, mostly solo in village quests with a lot of expeditions. And enjoying it very much as well.

Seeing your sig:

Now that I played the game I recognize the elements. The bunny dango, Magnamalo and Bombadgy, the wirebug. Hinoa and Minoto, Yomogi the chef and Buddy Handler Iori. And my three pets. Nice!

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