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Spindel said:
Mnementh said:

Oh, these moments when you finish the quest at the last moment are so precious.

I also found the wyvern eggs, but didn't use them yet. Speaking from past games: if you bring them back to the supply box in your camp, you get points (which relates to money+Kamura points in this game). But holding the egg restricts your movement and dodge rolls, falling or being attacked breaks the egg. Past games often had a 'deliver an egg' quest. They are a different sort of challenge. In this case I have no idea how to bring the egg back, as the nest is as far away from the camp as possible and lots of obstacles in the way. I should try if I can ride the Palamute while holding the egg, that should make this easier.

You can’t ride the Palamute while holding the egg allready tried that ;)

Dammit. So this will be a *very* long walk back to base.

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