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Spindel said:

My first MH game ever. So far I like it but to me the combat is still challangeing. Right now it’s more button mashing than controlled movements. I also have a hard time figuring out how to effectivley bind the monsters with wire bugs, they mostley seem to get away from me before I have a chance to deal any damage.

What I learned in the beginning on Monster Hunter Tri and still works: in differences to enemies in other games the monsters here are living things. If you dodge their attacks early on (learn to dodge, it's important) they wear themself out and start to get tired. This leads to them stopping after a move, a chance for you to get a hit or two in. If it has taken some damage and is tired, it might even stnd still for about 5 seconds or so. Try to look for these openings and deal your damage at that point.

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