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Switch back in the 100K club, PS5 >20K, even PS4 is up, so good week for hardware for most.

Little Nightmare launches double as big on Switch than PS4.

Super Mario 3D World launched 100K on WiiU (according to VGC), so this is a 150% increase on Switch. Incredible!

Switch may be dip below 100K in week 8 (or not, we'll see), but week 9 has Bravely Default. The first game launched with 140K on the 3DS, so even stronger than SM3DW on WiiU and we have a full on sequel, not only an extended port. So I think Bravely Default II should be enough to bring Switch back above 100K.

Switch 2021 has a little time to build the lead over 2020, before inevitable it gets beaten by AC launch week. It will be very interesting to see if one week later MonHun Rise can bring a similar boost as AC and revert the loss.

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