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Vendrom said:

Let’s be honest, it’s the easiest way to get more people to the platform. If a PC gamer wants a game so badly and it’s timed exclusive to the EGS, they’ll most likely get it there. Personally, I don’t think it’s that bad; you’re not forced to buy a new console for the game and the third-party “exclusives” are always timed.

By “doubling down” though, I hope they mean that they’ll fund more indie developers to create new projects, like the partnerships they started last year with genDESIGN, Playdead and Remedy. That way, timed or permanent exclusives are much more justified, since Epic Games will publish them.

That is fine. The major problem with EGS exclusivity was, that in the beginning many of the games were backed by crowdfunding with the promise of releasing it at other places. No one would have said anything if it published also on EGS, but that way it lead to broken promises. If in the future EGS backs new projects that from the start only promise a release on EGS, that is fine.

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