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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Epic is doubling down on it's exclusivity initiative

Man, Epic sure does suck. They know everybody hates it, so they choose to double down on it and acquire twice as many exclusives. 

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I like what Epic is doing as I am getting tons of games for free that I might play in the future once I start playing games again :P

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Waiting for the idiots to fall inline and explain to me how EPIC is pro-gamer.

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Meh I'll wait for release on Gog or Steam


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I would have thought Epic would start to tail off from this nonsense! Gamers have no problem if games are on other storefronts. As long as we get to choose where we get our games from. How Epic believes they're the good guys in these kinds of deals is beyond me. I appreciate that Microsoft (of all companies) sees this and they're bringing all their first party games not only on the Microsoft Store (which is still terrible) but also on Steam, so gamers have the choice. If tomorrow Microsoft announced they'll also bring their games to EGS as well, no problem from me! Allows for even more gamers to experience games like Halo on PC. But Epic just wants my hatred and resentment for EGS and Epic in general at this point to keep growing. I said screw them after they killed Unreal Tournament for Fortnite.

Of course they are going to double down on it, they have nothing else going for them. They have to burn so much money with exclusivities and free games just for the chance of being competitive, and not even that's doing the job.

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From a business perspective, it is understandable in my opinion. If you want to go against a giant like Steam you probably have to play "dirty". This kind of exclusivity is inconvenient for gamers who prefer Steam, but I don't see it as a big deal because we can still access Epic store on the same device, not as bad as console exclusivity.

I only wish Epic store add native controllers support.

LurkerJ said:

Waiting for the idiots to fall inline and explain to me how EPIC is pro-gamer.

Epic is attempting to break up the Steam monopoly on the PC. Steam is bad for gamers because games are sold for cheap prices there.

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