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GhaudePhaede010 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

I thought I mentioned it, but after re-reading, that bit seemingly got lost during editing. So yeah at launch a system seller often has a huge attach rate (remember BotW reaching over 100% attach rate?), and there simply seemingly ain't anything big enough that launch.

That being said, even then reaching over 30% attach rate is very difficult even at launch. I did take the launch into account, but that part went poof. Both Sony and Microsoft tend to lack a true system seller at launch and rather launch with lots of fancy third party titles and smaller exclusives. As a result of this, unless one of the third party launch titles is a huge hit (think FF7R, a Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter title, for example), they simply can't reach high enough to chart.

I have been tough on Sony but the fact that their system seller is a pack-in title also does them no favors in conversations like this one.

Yeah, I heard good things about Astros Playroom. Although I kinda doubt many people are buying a PS5 just for that. But apparently the people thta got one have good words for it.

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