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curl-6 said:

PS5 is already off to a stronger start than the PS4 and this time people know going in that Xbox Series won't have exclusives cos they'll be on PC as well, something that didn't become a factor until midway into Xbone's life, plus Series is inheriting a smaller base than Xbone did from 360, so PS5 may indeed manage to take even more marketshare from Microsoft this generation compared to last and grow through that.

I wouldn't put too much into that. Consoles and games sales become more and more frontloaded, so early sales tell not much.

You also have to see, that PS4 had a much more staggered launch in different region. Let's compare launch week in different regions for PS4 and PS5 (and add in Xbox for comparison):

PS4PS5Xbox OneSeries X/S
america982,3901,092,523 (+11%)652,045789,262 (+21%)
europe706,948723,341 (+2%)311,590349,697 (+12%)
japan319,689118,671 (-63%)24,79520,993 (-15%)

This stops looking that impressive anymore, right? Playstation lost two thirds of it's market in Japan, and again: Games and game stuff tends to be more and more frontloaded. And the other markets show an 11% growth in America and only 2% in europe.

Looking at the Xbox side of things, it looks a lot better gen over gen. If anything we should talk about how Xbox is dominating more this gen. And as you mentioned: this increase gen over gen is with less launch exclusives and a lower customer base to start off from last gen.

And do you really think the market for PS+Xbox is bigger this gen than the gen before? I think it stays the same at best. So if Xbox performs better it comes at the cost of Playstation.

I admit, the ROW is missing. But VGC doesn't show them separated and I don't know when PS4 and PS5 launched in the different markets. As PS5 launched in the big markets closer than PS4, I assume that this is the case for ROW-countries too, but I don't know.

As I said, I wouldn't put too much importance into launch numbers, but if we look closely they aren't showing a massive growth or so. They show that we can a similar gen in regards to sales.

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