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#48 Ring Fit Adventure
guessed by Supermario28
platform Switch
release year 2019
developer/publisher Nintendo
genre exercise/adventure
links Wikipedia, Moby games

Well, what is to say about this game, that you all don't already know. Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness game, which couples the exercise with a story and a world to navigate. Your exercises relate to actions in the game world and help you progress in the world and ultimately bring down the antagonist of the game, the bodybuilder dragon Drageaux. You have a ring as companion, which corresonds to the ring-con, the actual physical device you use to control the game and your exercise.

The game offers jogging sessions that are intersected by small little things you do differently and by fights, which consist of attacks you do by doing certain exercises. The difficulty settings lead to a different number of repetitions of the exercises before you beat the enemies.

There are a lot of elements to help make the game more varied. So you often can take different paths on each level, can explore side levels besides the main path or find mini-games to play. You can make exercises without playing the story. And a patch brought a rhythm game. You find NPCs throughout the game and also exquipment and consumable items like smoothies (that can refresh your health in the game).

The game world is presented in simple, but nice and colorful graphics. The music is quite good.

That game works quite well, both as an exercise (especially in these times) and a game. Nintendo proofed again, that they can combine unique ideas into an enjoyable experience. And as sales show, many people do actually enjoy it and keep themself more healthy in the process.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 15 November 2020

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