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Jaicee said:

I'm probably committing social suicide by dedicating a whole topic to women's issues on an otherwise all-male board, but oh well.

Sure, go on commit social suicide. (^_^)

Ah well, my opinion (and just my opinion) is, that there is undoubtely a lot of progress over ... say the last 100 years... but there is still some discrimination left.

I would point to wage inequality. This is a complicated topic, and true, women usually choose jobs that pay less. But I would argue it is actually the other way around: these jobs are paid less, because they are more often chosen by women.

Simple example: I am a software developer, a typical male job (although I have female coworkers, but still the majority in this job are male). Software developers get paid well. But how important is my job really? I worked on a website that displays the usage of renewable energy in a german state, an application which helps visualize migration data inside a city or software to help edit and distribute metadata for geographical data according to a european guideline. I don't think what I do is majorly impacting anyones life.Yes, it may important for the ones paying for the projects, but the overall impact on society is small. If I hadn't worked this year, nobody would've noticed really.

Do other jobs have more impact? How much would you notice if the nurses stop working? Or a kindergarden teacher? Both jobs that are more often picked by women. Both jobs that usually pay less than a software developer.

I really think we have to rethink wages for some of our most needed workers. And yes, I think this discrepancy in pay and importance has to do with the fact which gender tends to choose these jobs.

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