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Hey, I thought VGC exists for such a long time already and the community has produced so much hilarious or sad or ...insert other emotion here... incidents, that some of them became legendary and turned into memes.

Which are the best VGC-memes you remember?

I provide some for start:

  • The will sell over 200M! (aka pulling a JohnLucas)
  • Kimi Raikönnen Kimi deserved the win (thanks okr for the correction)
  • Never trust a user with a Kim Possible avatar
  • Japan is games!
  • Open your eyes

What VGC-memes do you like?


Some great additions from you guys:

  • globally in the US (thanks gergroy)
  • Wii is a fad (thanks kirby007)
  • Vgchartsgirl/gballzack (thanks kirby 007)
  • ioi/Brett forgot to pay the power bill again (thanks shikamaru317)
  • everything axumblade said
  • onionberry (thanks ClassicGamingWizzz)
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