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I saw that J.K. Rowling (some may know her as the author of the Cormoran Strike and Harry Potter novels) wrote an explanation following the backlash regarding her support of Maya Forstater, who lost her job after a dispute on transgender identity. I thought I will share this to ask for your opinions:

One completely out of context citation to get a feeling: "But accusations of TERFery have been sufficient to intimidate many people, institutions and organisations I once admired, who’re cowering before the tactics of the playground."

And to be balanced I also link to a letter answering to this:

And another completely out of context citation: "To me, Harry Potter meant that no matter who you are or how you were born or how different or difficult your life was, if you fought against oppression with love, you would win. At 24 I’m realising that might not be true. And wow, it hurts."

I personally see a point at both sides of the discussion and see that some conflicts might not easy to resolve for both sides. So I am conflicted as to where to stand on these issues.

I hope good solutions can be found that are satisfying to both sides of this dispute and realize the safety of all the threatened people.

I want to add, that all threats of death or violence and verbal abuse to fight for your side is despicable. We should discuss and resolve this stuff, not create a war. It is sad to see, that this issue is used as an excuse to spew hatred on Twitter. Whatever you think is the right stance on these issues, please abstain from such behaviour.

So, recognizing the complexity of the issues involved, what do you think?

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