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What people mean by that is that it's a general term applied to games that are in the style of The Last of Us, Uncharted, or God of War, not necessarily ones that literally star "Sad Dads" specifically. Big budget, third-person, movie-like spectacles with an emphasis on set-pieces, realism, and melodramatic stories. Quite a few people are kind of getting sick of this formula recently, and would like Sony to scale it back a bit for the PS5.

Quite a few people are getting sick of this formula????  Maybe a small few because Uncharted 4 and GOW did better than the last in each series, TLOU is looking to do really well also.  Your comment doesn’t seem to be very accurate.

I think this is badly formulated. Generally speaking people have different interests in all things, this includes games. So there are always gamers, which fall short on nice games to play. These people may get discontent, if they miss their favorite genre for a long time. It may happen, that this lack of favorite genres may be put on some other popular gaming genres. It is a bit unfair, but also there is a kernel of truth, as the game industry decides where to put the focus.

So I personally would pin it on sad dad games, but certain genres may be underrepresented. If these genres get more titles and exposure, no one will complain about sad dad games anymore.

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