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OTBWY said:
Mnementh said:

The US cooperates with Saudi-Arabia and other dictatorships around the world. And I dunno - China has made much improvements for it's people over the past year. I would argue that life for the normal chinese citizen was never better in general. That doesn't mean everything is fine, but what I see is a lot of improvement for the people living in China. Isn't that what you want, a better life for the people at the bottom?

I'm not saying that it's all good, far from it. The US has a lot of issues. But it's not an authoritarian state like the others.

I don't know what is so good for the Chinese people, if you're talking about economic benefits sure. They had an economic boom. But in the last few years China has become more authoritarian, like implementing a 1984 esque social credit system. It's one of those things out of many that seem to look like a bad direction for that country.

I agree that there are bad things in China. But I disagree that these can be solved by conflict. On the contrary.

And life for the normal people in China got better. They would disagree with you. Their life in the 80s was much worse than it is today. So if the US implements sanctions or increases military pressure it will negatively affect the life of normal chinese citizens. And they will in this case not blame their government, but yours.

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