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Random_Matt said:
An embarrasing list to be honest, to many gamers stuck inside the Nintendo bubble. Respect all peoples opinions, but VGChartz in a nutshell.

Nice rant, but you are wrong with your assumption that players are stuck in a Nintendo bubble. The reason Nintendo games end up on top is that they are fewer, but of constant quality. What I mean with fewer: many people here had Final Fantasies on their lists. But there are 15 or so Final Fantasies, which is splitting the votes. Yet there are few Nintendo games all are agreeing are great.

I mean look at the separate lists from the people:

Can you see so much Nintendo dominance in the single lists? I guess not. Sure, there are a few that have lists consisting mostly of Nintendo games, but at the same time you have others that have only or mostly PS in their platform column. That the end result is different is because everyone mostly agrees on the Nintendo games while from other devs and on other platforms very different games are picked.

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