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#42 Dyna Blaster/Bomberman
guessed by Landale_Star
platform DOS
release year 1990
developer/publisher Hudson Soft
genre action
links Wikipedia
play in browser (
past years 2018: #40

This is the Bomberman/Dyna Blaster for DOS and other platforms. It is NOT the same Bomberman for NES from 1985 or the game called Dyna Blaster in europe which was Bomberman II for NES. Way to go Hudson, for creating a complete mess with these names. Dyna Blaster is the european name under which I knew it. For long time I actually believed it was a Bomberman clone, I wasn't aware it was just the european name.

This was a fun game that consumed so many hours of my life. It has a good single player campaign with slowly increasing your abilities and the strength of the enemies. The environmental style evolves through the different campaign worlds to reflect different environments. It even has a completely pointless story. Because Dyna Blaster isn't a story-driven game, but it's gameplay is fun.

The gameplay is thrillign, because as you advance through the game you advance your abilities and can place multiple bombs with enhanced reach in their explosion. Chaining bombs so that the first explodes all the others is a good technique. But it is also risky, as the bombs not only kill the enemies, but yourself, so keep out of harms way.

And then there is multiplayer. Up to five players can squeeze around a keyboard and play against each others. And this is just bonkers. In multiplayer you get enhancements very fast, so each player can drop multiple bombs with long reach. Everyone tries to trap the other and it gets very hectic.

There is even a skull powerup, which has diverse more or less bad effects, like making your bomber fast or slow, make him drop bombs as they are available or reverse the control scheme. The best part of it, you could 'infect' other players with that by running over them, completely confusing them. Oh, such good times.

The game is like many old DOS classics completely playable in the browser through emulation at Enjoy!

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