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Bandorr said:
Pretty damn good game yes.
Plenty of things I feel like I don't "get" yet.

Building rooms gets harder/more tedious when you are doing it for fun.
When you had a quest to build a room it was easy to see what you needed.
Now though I have to look it up and hope to remember or write it down.

If I want to build a barn, give me a blueprint of the barn. Or let me choose "build room" then "barn" and put a list of items I need in the top right.

Plus I really hate bricks you can't destroy. Based on playing the first one I'm sure I will get better hammers that will let me destroy them, but waiting is annoying.

I am having to build rooms around bricks I can't break. And nothing is even so I have to fill it in etc. Gets annoying.

Hmm, yes, one improvement over the first game is showing you what you need for a quest or a blueprint. But if you build on your own this is missing. Selecting a room from builderpedia and getting items similarly marked would be incredibly helpful. Good idea, Square should patch it in.

Your hammer gets upgraded, yes.

And some stuff needs to be unbreakable for quests, riddles and story. Like the naviglobes and so on. I think that is OK.

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