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Bandorr said:
(1) If I recall correctly he fled Sweden after being accused of raping someone and hid for years.
(2) He/wikileaks then worked closely with Russia/Trump to steal the election for Trump.
Trump asked for e-mails.
A russian hacker stole those e-mails,
He gave those e-mails to Wikileaks.
Who then got in touch with Trump JR.

So either he is going to be treated like a king here, or put down like a dog because he knows Trumps secrets.

So no sympathy for the devil.

(1) But still the US wants to extradite him. So why?

(2) Wikileaks denied having their sources from Russia. There is no proof to the contrary. Even if Russia hacked Clintons email, it doesn't mean they are the source for Wikileaks. But that's all besides the point. The point here is: the emails were real and the public should know about their content, as it was of interest for the public. Next we need Trumps email.

Chrkeller said:
He played a role in hacking of government computers. That is illegal and thus he should go to jail.

He didn't hack any governmental computers and it is not even his government, as he isn't american.

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