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Pemalite said:
KingofTrolls said:

The reality is that everybody is targeting console market because them moneyz and all ur ultra rigs, without mods, would be generally useless. Everybody remembers the famous " it's PC only nobody cares"line.Well, Xbox allows M+K, also there are mid gen upgrades, so only this 30FPS point stands, but still, with latest Samsung Game Motion Plus mode, there will be a great help for it.

Basically this is the answer why there is no PC AAA exclusives besides niche genres and indies. There is no need.

What is a fun game for you is your thing, Sony's games are scoring GoTy and got universal praise for their graphics/tech.

The PC is an absolutely massive platform. I wouldn't be so eager to discount it.

The denial towards the doubtless biggest gaming platform (maybe mobile gets there) on this site is unreal. You all may not like gaming on PC, that doesn't change the fact it is pretty important.

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