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aiwass said:

MAJOR points go to any conference where half of it isn't some rando on stage spouting ten minutes of corporate speak about "we strive to deliver innovate experiences with incredible worlds, compelling characters..." etc. bullshit that literally no one wants to hear. Just shut up and announce games and possibly go into detail. 

Yeah, this. I mean I think the longest someone was talking in the Nintendo Direct was then they introduced Doug Bowser as new head of Nintendo America with the CGI-Bowser with a tie. And at Square they talked - about the games they just showed while explaining more about said game. That was great. Compare this to Bethesda that really unveiled the new IP Ghostwire Tokyo only with name and logo and then talked and talked and talked and my hype died down and as they finally showed a trailer I didn't care anymore.

sundin13 said:
Nintendo with the best games, Devolver with the best conference (as usual)

I didn't like Devolvers show this year as much as last year, but still very funny and the idea of a Nintendo Direct clone was great. Great mentions of musical performances at E3. Limited Run tried to copy Devolver in doing something strange, but it was awkward.

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