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Updated with some preliminary results:


group current seats
seats wins/losses
EPP (conservative) 179 -37
S&D (social democrat) 150 -35
ALDE (liberals) 107 +38
Greens/EFA 70 +18
EKR (EU-sceptics) 58 -19
ENF (right wing) 58 +22
EFDD (other right wing/eurosceptcs) 56 +14
GUE-NGL (left wing) 38 -14
others and parties not yet attached to a group 35



Currently (since Thursday) the election for the european parliament is underway. This election is kinda interesting, as a lot of changes are underway.

With Britain leaving (any time now…) the seat distribution between the countries may change. But as long as Britain is still part of the european union, the composition stays the same. So it might happen, that the parliament is in session with some people, then Britain leaves some countries (especially France and Spain) gain seats and new representatives enter.

The german speaking countries are also in uproar. In Austria we have the Ibiza video coming into the public shortly before the election. In germany a youtuber released days before the election a video attacking harshly the biggest parties. Normally nobody would care about something someone rants on Youtube, but this time it had impact, big media outlets covered this and the parties scrambled to debunk the stuff - and made it worse.

Projections see massive losses for the biggest blocs, european peoples party (conservatives) and Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (social democrats). Liberals are gaining.

Here some informations:

What do you think about all this?

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