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fatslob-:O said:
Not at all a realistic model to strive for because a major factor to Finland's success in their educational system are their demographics. It's rather just an anomaly I'd say ...

According to the latest PISA rankings, we're doing slightly better than Finland but even we don't have such amenities like no homework, very short school hours or a lack of standardized testing ...

For most nations out there, they should not model their educational system after Finland but ideally something like Singapore or Hong Kong because most of the best post-secondary schools absolutely have compulsory standardized testing for post-secondary school program qualifications. Weak students do NOT have a place in higher educational institutions and should not deserve a seat either in that case. Scholars should be encouraged to be hardcore test takers since that is what matters most in universities ...

Inhowfar is Finlands demography special? Looks pretty standard to me:

Which country are you from?

As for Singapore: they do pretty well in recent years and with quite a different schooling system. I am against standardized tests though, this does not help students to think but instead to follow rules and predetermined routine. Makes for good workers, but bad innovators.

As I said, I was from GDR, which had a school system which generally was seen as doing pretty well and  which also had no standardized tests. As far as I know germany as a whole has no standardized testing routine in school to this day and does overall not too bad (better as the US in any case).

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