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First of all: 'Where to invade next' from Michael Moore is a great movie with an excellent idea. Still Moore focuses on some stuff, while others would focus on different things. That said some things of this are great. I am personally doubtful about no homeworks for instance, but getting rid of standardized tests is a big win in my book. Also focusing on personality of the students instead on their viability for later labor is also good.

I was schooled in the former German Democratic Republic (east germany). Finlands schoolsystem is sometimes compared to that that we had, but I already can easily see changes. No surprise though, as I was in school in the late 80s, 30 years ago. I think as finland tried to make their school system better, they shopped around for good ideas and looked for themselfes what worked. This is in my opinion the winner here. We can barely argue the results, Finland is constantly at the top of comparisons, so what they do works.

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