Cerebralbore101 said:

Phil Spencer recently said that Microsoft's E3 2019 would be as big as ever. This was an article on the front page of vgchartz. I couldn't help but notice a bunch of comments with people getting excited. Just what was there to get excited about? The 2018 show didn't do anything for me. They didn't announce any big new exclusives. The games that they did announce were either multiplatform, the same three games as always,  or underwhelming looking.

I think last E3 of MS was great. I don't care if exclusive or not, MS focused strongly on games in their presentation. Not on guys playing flute or something. And they showed a lot of games. Were many of these games multiplats? Sure. But still I'm interested.

If you ask if last presentation was an argument for me to go and buy a XBox One: nope, still don't have one. But it was an exciting show with lots of game trailers. I liked that.

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