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#3 Pandora's Tower
guessed by Peh
platform Wii
release year 2011
developer/publisher Ganbarion/Nintendo
genre action adventure
links Wikipedia
last year #3

Pandora's Tower is such a beautiful game. The mood is dark and somber. You are tasked to get master flesh, so that the women you love is freed from the curse of the beast. So you venture into these strange towers, long abandoned and slay the master beasts, majestic creatures, to gain their flesh. All the while the story is unfolded slowly in notes, flashbacks and stuff like that. That is both, the story of the two lovers and the story of what happened in these towers.

Your not only tasked to get the flesh, but also to nurture your relationship with Elena. This is rewarded in cut-scenes of her joy and general changing the interior of the observatory in which you settled down as your base.

Then was the setting of the game. Alone seeing these towers hanging on giant chains over an endless deep abyss and the story told that these chains holding the world together as without it the abyss would widen and break the world apart.

This game was one of the Project rainfall games, games which had difficulties to release in the US, although they already had an european release and localization. Far to few people played this game, so I wish this game (as the other Project Rainfall games Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story) would get a HD-remaster, preferably on Switch.

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