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fatslob-:O said:
twintail said:
Wonder if NISA will try get a port for Switch done again.

Was honestly surprised they didn't announce it for the Switch from the get-go considering the last game in the franchise got a Switch port and it's crucial market is Japan ...

Actually, Japan was the market the Switch version was doing worst according to VGC-data:

But Japan was also the region with the best PSV-sales for the game (outselling the PS4 version). As the new game has no PSV version it is an interesting question, if these sales would go to PS4 or Switch or both at the same rate. So yeah, I would've expected a Switch version from the get go, simply to test how this changed situation pans out. But probably Falcom simply has no Switch expertise in house and the publisher (NIS again?) decides about a possible port.

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