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#18 Dragon Quest Builders
guessed by Landale_Star
platform Switch
release year 2016
developer/publisher Square Enix
genre sandbox
links Wikipedia

As I saw the ads in the eShop for the game first, I thought: what in the nine hells is that? Minecraft combined with an old-school RPG? I find Minecraft boring, so this is probably also unfun. Then a demo dropped on the eShop, and I thought: well, let's give it a try. Two hours or so later I stepped on a transportation tile to reach the next island - and got a message that the demo ends here. I had totally forgotten I played a demo. Then I was loooking up, how long I had to wait for the real game to drop and it turned out that I had to wait waaayyyy too long.

Yes, Dragon Quest Builders is at the heart a Minecraft clone of sorts. But it adds just enough stuff to make the whole result very enticing for me. Building up a village, solving missions for the people, fighting monsters - this all works so well together. So I was going on an adventure to bring the light back to the lands.

Now Square, you have still to bring over the first ever announced game for NX: Dragon Quest XI. I'll play Builders until then.

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