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#24 Supaplex
guessed by OTBWY
platform DOS
release year 1991
developer/publisher Think!Ware Development/Digital Integration
genre puzzle
links Wikipedia, game website

Supaplex is one great game I played to death. In the basis it is a boulderdash clone, although it added some stuff. It had really great level design, which made you try out and think until you found the solution. The gameplay is easy: you control murphy (the red thing) through the level, eating the infotron (the colorful atom model like looking thingy) and if you hit the number needed go to the exit. Obviously it is not always as easy, as puzzlers have it you must find the correct solution.

The game is freeware for years and you can download it from the website of the creator. There are also diverse clones and ports, including the port for Mac OS called Infotron and a Windows port called Megaplex.

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