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#25 StarCraft/Brood War
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform Windows
release year 1998
developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment
genre real-time strategy
links Wikipedia, Brood War
last year  #25

Starcraft is in my opinion the real-time strategy refined. There were games leading to it, namely Dune 2, Command and Conquer and Warcraft, but Starcraft took the ingredients and made an incredible game out of it. Starcraft dominated my LAN-parties for years. We refined our strategies, fought in teams, conquered new maps. It was incredible. This makes it also my most beloved multiplayer game. It was just something else, gathering eight people in a flat, putting each in front of a computer screen and then fighting in two teams. Sometimes screaming stuff through the rooms if things got exciting.

The single player was fun too and sold me on the concept. It carefully guided you through the factions and you learned everythign there was to learn. But the real heart was in the multiplayer.

Brood War was an excellent extension, which is why I name it together with the base game. You should get them both together these days. The game also included a map editor, which lead to crazy user-created maps. You could actually put scenario triggers onto the map, so it was possible to build your own campaign.

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