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#26 The Battle for Wesnoth
guessed by no one
platform Linux
release year 2005
developer/publisher David White and others
genre turn-based strategy
links Wikipedia, game website
last year  #22

This is a turn-based startegy game with units on a hexfield that you order to fulfill a mission. The gameplay is not unlike Fire Emblem games, but the setting and actual mechanics are different. You have to capture and defend villages in each mission, to gain gold to finance your troops. You can only bring units into battle, which you can pay for. You have different classes of units, each can level up, often with multiple advanced class-options. Different unit-types have different advantages or disadvantages against other unit types. The environment can give boni or mali. So for a mountain level you want to recruit dwarfs, for water levels merfolk.

The game can be downloaded completely free from the website. It is permanently developed on and new content gets added all the time. As this game is now more than a decade old you have a lot of main campaigns to choose from. In addition you can generate missions, play multiplayer or play user-created maps or campaigns. Give it a try, it is a great game.

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