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First of all: For the poll question I had to vote Smash Bros obviously, but I'm also pretty excited for Katamari Damacy (I played a little of it on PS2 on a convention many years ago) and the Sega Genesis Collection. I never owned a Sega Genesis, so this will be my first contact with stuff like Phantasy Star and Shining.

BasilZero said:





What games are you currently playing?

Well, my most recent purchases were Pokemon Let's Go and Civilization VI. I have played a bit Pokemon and sunk into a session of Civilization. I played the first Civilization and Colonization back on DOS, but since then haven't followed the series, so some mechanics are new to me. And I have to say, it is even more complex than in the past. I like that in a game. I should win my first session though soon, I am already at 1880 or so and in the information age, nearly all from the technology tree learned. So it shouldn't take too long. I completely missed the window on religion though, so I had to extinct a civilization that was close to taking a religious win.

What games have you completed in the past month?

Due to work it is hard to put enough time into a game to finish it, but the last one I played through completely was Starlink.

What games are you planning to play soon?

Well, December has started, so Smash obviously. My also preordered Sega Genesis collection. I wanna buy Sega Ages Phantasy Star too then it comes out. Katamari Damacy I haven't preordered. It seems it is not available physical here. Maybe I buy digital or I get a japanese copy, unsure. But for the moment I wait that it is shown here in europe, maybe we get a physical edition after all.

What gaming related purchase have you made recently?

Civ VI and Pokemon Let's Go and a Pokeball Plus. I also got Layers of Fear.

What gaming related purchase are you planning to make in the future?

Well, Smash, Genesis Collection and Katamari.

Share some gaming stuff, etc (i.e. your youtube channel, drawings, etc)?

I think about playing Shadow Warrior. I see it is made like Duke Nukem 3D (which I liked) and maybe that is fun too.

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