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#33 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
guessed by Flilix
platform Switch
release year 2017
developer/publisher Capcom
genre action
links Wikipedia

I love Monster Hunter. Preparing for a hunt, learning the monsters behaviour and environments, equip the right gear and  bring it down. It is such an rewarding experience. But somehow Capcom decided that the best platform for this series are handhelds. I love my 3DS, but if a somewhat remote monster is only 3 pixels big it is not cool. This game series must reside on the big screen. That's why last year still Monster Hunter Tri/3G made my list, the last proper classic Monster Hunter on a big screen. But now Capcom has released Generations Ultimate for Switch, and it is the more modern and complete experience. I wish they kept swimming and diving from Tri, but still so much stuff had been added that this is the better MonHun experience. So, let's hunt away.

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