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#34 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
guessed by Barkley
platform Switch
release year 2017
developer/publisher Ubisoft
genre turn based strategy
links Wikipedia

Well, as first rumours about a Rabbids and Mario mashup surfaced, this was mostly met with doubts about the possible quality of such a game. The Rabbids games (although some are funny and good like the first Rayman Raving Rabbids and the game Rabbids Go Home) were of differing quality. Mixing it up with Mario, a franchise seemingly totally different, was not something to look forward to.

And then on E3 Ubisoft revealed the game and in the course of half an hour my perception about this game changed from "meh" to "I have to get that". And it became a good game. The quirky humour of the Rabbids, but a surprisingly good implemented gameplay of a turn-based strategy game in the likes of XCOM. This was fun. It turned out to be a must-have in the Switch-library.

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