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#39 Pinball Dreams
guessed by Barkley
platform DOS
release year 1992
developer/publisher Digital Illusions CE/21st Century Entertainment
genre pinball
links Wikipedia
last year  #39

Back there in my DOS-gaming days I one time stumbled upon Pinball Dreams. Playing that was a blast. The tables were interesting, the gameplay fun, the music was so great. I also loved the successors, Pinball Fanatasies and Pinball Illusions. For a long time no other Pinball simulator came even near the fun I had with these.

There is not much to say about the games, they are Pinball games, but oh they work so well. Sound effects were incredible for that time. And the gameplay was so addictive.

Publisher 21st century is lost to the times, they were going into financial difficulties years later and were going bankrupt. Developer Digital Illusions CE on the other is very much alive. You may recognize them now under the name DICE, and as a subsidiary of EA these days they are very important as developers of the Frostbite engine and Battlefield.

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