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#49 Descent
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform DOS
release year 1995
developer/publisher Parallax/Interplay
genre first person spaceship shooter
links Wikipedia, download shareware version (kinda like a big demo)
last year  #46

Descent jumped in on the early 3D-shooter hype but brought it a level further: they made it a space shooter with complete rotation around all 3 axis (so six keys for turning) and moving along these axis (so six more keys for moving). As the levels had no discernible up and down (for the most part) you could come back into a room you were earlier but now upside down. The robots that were rioting had some decent AI for the time, the dodged enemy fire, hid behind cover and came back to shoot at me. At the end of each level you had to activate the self-destruct and then still fleeing from the asteroid in time.

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