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I wanted to talk a bit about Starlink. It is now out for a few days and everyone had the chance to play a bit. We could now share our impressions.

I personally have the starter pack for Switch. It includes physical stuff, mainly I wanted the Arwing and the Fox figurine physical. But everything can be purchased and played purely digital.

My impressions so far:

  • The game is surprisingly fun for the most part, I played a lot more than I thought. Simply exploring and fighting works so well.
  • The Toy-to-life stuff doesn't get me, I tried it, but I prefer playing with the Pro controller and switching weapons and ships digital (the included toys in the starter pack are also unlocked digital).
  • The missions from the outposts are boring and repetitive, but as you get Electrum and mods easily in other ways I ignore them completely (you have to make one mission to win the putpost for your side, but that's it).
  • Never upgrade an outpost though the option. That costs Nova, while you simply can do the same by delivering organic material or metals. Use the Nova instead to increase your carrying capacity for organic material and metals, this costs a lot less nova then investing it in the individual outposts.
  • The Starfox content is substantial, the other versions miss out.

What do you think? Which version do you play.

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