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CaptainExplosion said:
StuOhQ said:
We can certainly make some positive strides and I would hope they we could develop technologies in tandem that will keep this rock hospitable to humans. We'll pbviously have to expand into space as well. Our population is simply growing too rapidly.

Guess we haven't used enough condoms and/or killed enough terrorists.

Mnementh said:

You have the wrong view on that: After these companies emitted greenhouse gases and brought climate change upon us - they can now sell their new technology to reduce climate change. Everyone wins. Well, actually only corporate america wins.

So you're saying we shouldn't invest in these clean energy technologies because of corporate assholes?

Oh, I talked about athmospheric engineering. Clean energy won't reverse climate change, but stop making it worse. The grenhouse gases already released will keep on changing the climate for about the next hundred years. With clean energy, we don't make it worse, but we don't make it better.

Anyways, every company ever will become greedy and will attract corporate assholes. Even when they start out nice. See, Google had the motto 'Don't be evil'. They avoided evil stuff and even left china after they were asked to censor. They changed the motto to 'Do the right thing' and now they work with the military (project maven) and the chinese government (project dragonfly). Corporate assholes will take over.

But this doesn't mean you can't steer corporate assholes. Corporate assholes have a pretty simple artificial intelligence... err... I meant intelligence: they go after the most profit. So, if you as a consumer make technologies or methods that help the planet more profitable, the assholes will be all over it.

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