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monocle_layton said:
No offense, but the game is simply meant to refresh fans of the series. Crash is dead. It's been dead for a reason. The simple nature of it doesn't work in today's age.

That isn't to say I hate crash. I love it, but it's obvious what this remaster was made for. It's to let old fans enjoy themselves and let kids also get a decent game. 20 million is extremely unrealistic though. I think 2-4 million would be an optimistic guess.

With the amount of predictions you're making, you can be the next Pachter if you keep it up.

In Germany we have a saying: "Totgesagte leben länger!". This means roughly translated: "People said to be dead keep on living." You declared Crash dead, but look how alive he turns out to be.

Also you say 2-4 million is optimistic. As PS4 alone did that, it turns out you were pessimistic.

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