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vivster said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Firstly, that's actually a thing?

Secondly, what even is a sys admin?

A sys admin handles everything that has to do with IT in a business. There are certain fields within IT that require a different kind of sysadmin but they essentially do all the same thing.

Thanks to the good work sysadmins do most people have no idea what it actually takes to run IT with all its components in a business environment. For most people it's just installing windows and plugging in a few cables and the machines do the rest. But in reality it's a never ending cycle of designing, implementing, maintaining, updating and troubleshooting. So far I haven't seen a single company that employs enough sysadmins to do all necessary tasks. Which means sysadmins are overworked, overwhelmed and most of the time just can't handle all the tasks that would be necessary to have everything operating smoothly. And that's where mistakes and simple oversights come in. Which is why a lot of sysadmins are seen in a very negative light by both the users who have to deal with the issues and the management who only acknowledges when something goes wrong.

It's hard to explain to a layman what kind of expertise you have to have to run IT but as with most fields in any work, there is A LOT going on. If you tell me what kind of work you do I could tell you all the tasks sysadmins do to make your life easier.

I did some work as an external worker for a Berlin company. They had around 10% sysadmins, and man this was really noticeable. I was so impressed by their work. As a software developer I know at least what they do (and in my pretty small company I do sysadmin work, because I'm and the other devs are the ones 'that know computers'), so I can really appreciate what they do.

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