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jason1637 said:

"Sales for Sony's Game & Network Services division increased 18% to 1,943.8 billion yen for the quarter. The company attributed this in large part to an increase in PS4 software sales, which were up to 52 million units from 50.6 million during the same period last year. That included a major uptick in digital sales, as 43% of games sold were digital, as compared with 37% the year prior. For the full year, 32% of full games were sold digitally."

For Nintendo we would have to use their sales numbers and compare them to vgchartz. Here's a link

So as of March 31st

75% of Switch sales were physical and 25% digital

87.3% of 3DS sales were physical and 12.7% digital

90% of Wii U sales were physical and 10% digital.

We dont have anything from MS but Xbox usually has a higger digital to physical ratio compared to Nintendo and Sony. With their play anywhere program and backwards compatibility i'd assume its around 45-50%.

That all sounds about right. All I saw so far was that digital ratio even on PS4 is still below 50%, although it gets closer. 43% seems about right. 25% for Switch puts it roughly at half the rate as the PS4, which also sounds about right. It all will heavily depend on the title in question though.

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