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S.Peelman said:
Mnementh said: 

game #5

Hint 1: One of the most successful launch-titles ever for a new console.


Could only be a handful of things, I'll again go with Breath of the Wild.

Yes, it is Zelda Breath of the Wild, as S.Peelman guessed correctly.

I said for Okami it is the best Zelda-game. Breath of the Wild though is one of the best games ever, without being really a Zelda game. At least it feels like that for me.

I love the openness of the game. If I see it, I can go there. I love the variety of things you can do. I love exploring. I love that the enemies fight differently if they have different weapons. I love that they sit around the campfire, talk and dance and pick their nose if they don't fight me.

The land also feels like a war is gone for a long time, as the story says. You find ruins everywhere. The only permanent settlements are in defensive postions. But civilization is creeping back in form of the stables.

This game feels just great. It is tremendous fun to go through the land and find things wherever I go. Ganon? Who? I don't care.

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