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uran10 said:
Mnementh said:

game #11

Hint 1: Crossover of two well-known game-series that never before shared the same platform.

Hint 2: Draw the map on graph paper in your school notebook.

Hint 3: This turn-based RPG is very stylish and colorful.

Hint 4: Fight (amongst others) against tables, playing cards, books and other stuff.

Hint 5: The game gets characters (although with transformed design) and name from one series, major gameplay elements and platform from the other.

Hint 6: The game is made by the same dev as Tokyo Mirage Sessions#FE.

Hint 7: You find shadows in the labyrinth.

Hint 8: Strange things happen in Yasogami High School.

#11 persona Q?

Yeah, uran10 got it right, it is Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.

What if Persona and Etrian Odyssey have a child? Well, no need to speak hypothetically, Persona Q exists.

I love Etrian Odyssey games, and Persona Q takes this gameplay, but instead of adventurers from all the magical world enter the labyrinth of Yggdrasil, you play japanese high school students fighting shadows with Personas.

This game has the certified great Atlus level-design with shortcuts and interesting ideas. It has also the patented great turn-based Atlus-style battles. And certainly everything wins points with me, if it has Alice in Wonderland references.

Paired with humour, strange settings and enemies and mysterious things happening it makes a great game.

And yes, drawing maps never felt so right in any Etrian Odyssey as it did in Persona Q, because here it is done on graph paper with a pencil. They just got the look and the sound so right.

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