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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Mnementh said:

game #13

Hint 1: You die in the tutorial.

13 is Demon's Souls?

Yes, Demon's Souls, as The_Liquid_Laser again guessed correctly.

Liquid Laser said in his review of Dark Souls, that the game is like a rogue-like in a way. I have to say it feels not unlike that for Demon's Souls. You explore a hostile environment, full of traps and monsters. Sure, it is not randomly generated and no permadeath, which makes Demon's Souls easier and more accessible. But still you have to take on this big quest of fighting the demons.

There is more to it. I very much like how in the intro there are dropped names of heroes that entered the land and never came back. And in the game you meet them. This is extremely cool. All the lore you encounter too.

Also, although you not die permanently, some deaths are chilling out of the visuals you get. See the guy in the picture above? Remember how he killed you? That impressed me definitely the first time I died on him. What makes it more interesting: I saw before a ghost die by this guy. But I did't understood what I saw. If you see the death of older ghosts through blood puddles, you don't see the monster. So what I saw was: The ghost was running forward, slashing his sword, stopping, start hovering in the air shivering, and then he was dead. I had no idea what that meant, until it happened to me too. Experiences like this make the game so cool.

I generally like more slow and patient gameplay over fast reaction gameplay. Demon's Souls rewards if you go in slow, dodging and blocking waiting for the opening to strike back. I know many prefer fast gameplay which probably is the reason many dislike Souls games, but for me it is perfect.

I also like that you die in the tutorial and go around at first (and later of) as a ghost. Also meeting ghosts of fallen heroes before you. The maiden in black reviving you. All the back-story about it.

A short mention the online stuff. Seeing the messages of other players and their blood puddles that show you their moments of death and random seconds of actions other players as ghosts is quite an excellent idea. The online capabilities are cool, but as I more of a single player gamer, I prefer these ghostly images of other players.

I never played Dark Souls, and I probably should at some point. Maybe it can even improve on this formula. Currently I hope From ports Dark Souls to Switch, that would be awesome. If not I probably will pick up Dark later on. Good games don't get bad over time, so no rush (especially seeing my endless backlog).

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