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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Mnementh said:

Seriously, do I need to spell out the games name?

game #15

Hint 1: Combine materials gained from slaying monsters to get magical stones.

Hint 2: It's a spinoff of a long-running series (that started in the 80s).

Hint 3: As you fulfill quests the tavern gets emptied.

Hint 4: Deep in the labyrinth is a ... waterfall?

Hint 5: What the hell happened in this Forsaken Land?

Hint 6: What Wizardry did you put in this tale by taking away your memory?

Hint 7: This PS2-game was published by a japanese company well-known for their RPGs, although the series it is a spinoff from is a western RPG.

Hint 8: Cast spells like Kreta, Zateal, Daiba and many more.

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land

As correctly guessed by The_Liquid_Laser my next game is Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land.

This game is in my opinion massively underappreciated. This was great fun.

The gameplay is a turn-based RPG in which you delve into a dungeon. To avoid that you have to go through the same locations again and again you can activate shortcuts as you access locations deeper in the labyrinth. The story is driven by text with character-drawings of the talking persons overlayed over the scene.

Your base is the town of Duhan, that is after a previous event called the Flash fallen to misfortune and ruin. The labyrinth besides the town houses dangerous creatures. The labyrinth has parts of the former kingdom of Duhan, that are now through the events rearranged and becoming part of the dangerous landscape.

The dark athmosphere, the inventive enemies, the story, great level-design, that all adds to a great experience. And to top it all of, the RPG-system is deep and very good. I want to advance my characters, improve their stats, build their skills. I also want to improve the trust in party, as this allows for pretty cool party-moves called allied actions.

This game is a spinoff of the classical Wizardry series, but instead of Sir-Tech who owned the Wizardry IP, this game was made by Racjin and Atlus in Japan. It was released for the PS2. There is a good site devoted to this game:

Wikipedia, MobyGames, OGDB, IGDB

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