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Turkish said:
Sony seems to be strategically spreading their games next year, starting with SotC, God of War. Spring will be Detroit's time to shine, maybe around June-Summer: Spider-Man, and Fall will see Dreams and Days Gone. Then of course you have all the 3rd party exclusives in between with Ni no Kuni, Yakuza, Dissidia etc. And don't forget the impact of multiplat games people will associate with PS4 like MH World, Ace Combat 7, Far Cry 5 and the biggest of them all: RDR2.

PSVR momentum will continue next year.

As predicted the price cuts this holiday were temporary, but permanent price cuts are most likely coming in 2018

Anyone still doubting 2018 will be peak year?

Hmm, this all seems to me like games that sell to the established base instead of widen it. Not sure though, I think 2017 and 2018 will be close. And Japan hasn't peaked yet, Sony pushes a lot to make ground there.

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