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Symbios63 said:
Mnementh said:
Thanks for the work. But what is the source for the sales ranking? What is the overall sales rank? And what includes western? With europe, without it? I'm confused.

Source is VGC for ranking.

Overall sales rank includes every game included in VGC database.

Western means Europe + NA, basically means the game is playable in English. Japanese sales are included but japanese only games are not (In the future, I think I will include Japanese only games if it is officialy announced that they are coming west.

If you guys have official worldwide numbers for some of those games, I will include them (I'd like to also have the date when they were released)

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

For official numbers: Nintendo said that Zelda, Arms, 1-2-Switch and Mario Kart each sold more than a million. Although that probably includes digital.

Interesting the overall ranking. Zelda is just one place above Majoras Mask (on the N64). Funny coincidence. With next weeks data it will overtake a lot of games.

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