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happydolphin said:

I'm not sure if you're being facetious. There's a bottleneck, at which point improvements are needed to obtain certain features needed for certain experiences. If not, a new console would have no purpose. The Wii or WiiU alternatives are artificial gens, they offer nothing that could not have been tacked on to the original consoles. I've talked about this with another poster earlier.

The purpose of a new console is to bring gamers to put dollars on the table. Point is this: at some point most gamers have a device to game on. The sales of the old-gen machines dwindle in result. The console-manufacturer starts a new gen to force the people to pay for a new machine. Naturally people need at least an perceived value from the new machine, to consider to buy it. So the console-manufacturer try to sell new features. That may be advances in graphics, controls, network-capabilities or the like. But the best and most used argument is: if you want to play the new Mario/Final Fantasy/Halo/God of War/Tekken/whatever you have to buy the new machine.

And, what is with PS2? Your argument basically says that the PS2 is gen 5 and gen 6 was won by the Xbox.

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