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460k FW
700k lifetime

18k boost PS3!

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One Piece 480k first week and 700k+ life time...

The PS3 could boost till 80k this week...


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250k first week
450k lifetime

Too bad for you guys who is predicting 450k first week or LT .

650K ship first day.
This might end up 750K or more first week shipment.

One Piece Pirate Musou saw first day shipments of 650,000 units, Namco Bandai said today. This is a record shipment figure for games based off the One Piece franchise.

Released today, Pirate Musou combines One Piece character and world elements with gameplay from Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors/Musou series. It's the latest in a series of collaborations between Namco Bandai and Temco Koei's Omega Force studio that also includes Gundam and Fist of the North Star.

Namco Bandai has thus far released 32 games based off the One Piece franchise. The first was From TV Animation One Piece Arise, Pirate King!, released for Wonderswan in 2000.


Changing my prediction.

537,908 first week and 723,746 lifetime.

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Now I'm sure that the game is going to sell more than 500k.

My new prediction 556k FW and 720k LTD.

P.D: TheSource was predicting 300k MAX (Facepalm)

Media Create Annual Archive (Spanish version)

581k FW

830k LT

ps3 around 52k

620k First Week... 900k Lifetime... PS3 will boost up to 100k


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DemoniOtaku said:
Virus-Of-Life said:
DemoniOtaku said:
Virus-Of-Life said:
I feel kinda stupid for asking this but do pts = pre-orders?

Ussually 1pt less than 1k of unit solds... it depend of the game.. I see this chart more as "Buy intentions from customers" than pre-ordered units.. Some games make 1pt=1k, some more.. some less...I think Not knowing exactly is what make fun the predictions XD

Ah ok fair enough, I thought it would be something like that.  I love how they update it daily so you can see how new trailers/announcements have an impact on people wanting to buy it.

That's true... And after this trailer that came out yesterday:

 I'm sure One Piece Musou will go up a LOT from today on... MARINFORT AND SHIROHIGE PLAYABLE CONFIRMED!

I know its basically just Dynasty Warriors, but it looks so much more fun.


Edit: Also 580k FW, 850k LTD. PS3 45k