FROZA 3 Demo: truly a GT killer

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A demo of a game kills Gran Turismo?

And people say PS3 fans are delusional...

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The graphics look truly amazing. The draw distance is great, and everything is very detailed. But where is the damage modeling that I keep hearing is going to push Forza away from and PD has shown us of GT5? It looks to me like the cars are touching, but not being damaged in anyway.

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Ouch... waron just got pawned! I am very glad he got rid of his spooky photo, tho.

Yes, these "kill this, kill that" threads have gotta end!

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Yup Froza 3 must be a real GT Killer....as for Forza 3, not a chance.

oh look, now it is 360 fans dubbing games the *insertenemyfranchise* killer.

that's cute....and wrong.

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Forza 3 has been a GT killer ever since Selnor graced VGC.


Why do we have to have game killers?

I'm surprised both F3 and GT5 have put so much attention to detail in the environments. They both look amazing.

lol GT killer. hahahahahaha

Just like Killzone isn't a Halo killer, Forza isn't a Gran Turismo killer.

Froza...sounds more like a system killer then a GT killer. :/