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    March NPD 2018. Hardware and Software Results. PS4 #1 for HW. Far Cry 5 #! for SW

    in Sales Discussion on 25 April 2018

    So after a year, are we already into the period where the only thing that's going to sell on a Nintendo console are Nintendo games? Just look at that top 10....

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    Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2017

    BasilZero said: Mega Man X Collection please. Holy Geez yes...

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    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Sells over 500k

    in Sales Discussion on 22 November 2017

    SO glad to read and watch this. A great dev and a wonderfully powerful game deserve this....

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    What happened to "portable games for portable a console"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2017

    I love my Vita. I still use it all the time. Just came here to say that....

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    Tropical storm Harvey devastating Texas. Houson experiencing extreme flooding. 47 confirmed dead

    in General Discussion on 30 August 2017

    My brother, sister-in-law and lots of friends and other family live in Houston. My brother and his family have now flooded 3 times in 3 years, this one being the worst. They had 4 ft of water in their house and had to be evacuated by boat, landed up at the George R. Brown and were rescued by a friend living in midtown. ...

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    Looking for a Pro pricedrop... NOPE!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2017

    I just want a limited edition Destiny 2 bundle and I'm down for a pro...

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    What's your main game right now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 April 2016

    Destiny for the most part, although my Brother-in-Law is trying really hard to get me into The Division. It's actually kind of sad, my backlog keeps growing and growing while I continue grinding in Destiny for 315+ light level gear. One more sweet exotic and I'm done, I swear :) ...

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    Rock Band 4 Out Next Week,.. Who's hyped?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 September 2015

    They still have not announced a release date for the cymbal kit to go with the drums. This concerns me as mine are beat to shit....

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    Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2015

    I much rather have a Mega Man X collection....

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    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4/XBO/PC). Kickstarter Now Open! 2.5M so Far, Classic Mode Unlocked!

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 May 2015

    This seems like it'd be perfect for Vita. Just sayin....

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    PS Vita no longer available at major retailers!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 July 2014

    Another article that says it's increased demand and stock shortage. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    The Last of Us Remastered Announce Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 10 April 2014

    I agree that the ending was a bad moment of the game to show. Not because it doesn't have game play footage, but because it does spoil what I felt was one of the most moving moments of the game, or for that matter any game I've played in the last few years (since the end of Uncharted 2). While it doesn't spoil any of the story, it does ruin a great set up to that moment in Colorado....

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    whats the last game you finished and whats your completion % on it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2014

    Finished Contrast and AC4 this weekend. I was at 85% on Contrast and at 84% on the single player in AC4 even though my trophy data says only 53% complete. ...

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    What is your greatest physical accomplishment?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2014

    From January 2012-January 2013 I took part in at least one running event per month including 3 Marathon (Houston, San Antonio, and WDW), One Half Marathon (Austin), a 208 mile relay run, a 20 miler, a 12 miler, a few 10ks, and a 5k Zombie obstacle run. Not counting the countless training runs. I beat the shit out of my legs and knees. Had to take most of the first half on 2013 off to...

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    Microsoft E3 in a nutshell

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 June 2012

    TheKoreanGuy said: NintendoPie said: TheKoreanGuy said: NintendoPie said: Sooo... I'm guessing it was "funny" again? Good... goooood... No, I think they were trying really hard not to make any embarrassing moves. Some decent trailers at least. I'm pretty sure they tried that last year, too. It didn't work out well. :-P One thing I noticed...

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    Post your current car

    in General Discussion on 27 March 2012

      2006 MazdaSpeed 6  70,000 miles and still love it.  Need to put new Spark Plugs in though.  Have some iridium tip NGK plugs, but have been too lazy to put the in yet.  I have to take the intercooler off to do so. ...

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    Microsoft: 960k 360's sold during Black Friday Week in U.S

    in Sales Discussion on 29 November 2011

    I agree with what other posters are saying. I don't see how you can assume PS3 numbers are flat as stated in the preview when your 360 numbers in the preview were off by 50%. I do not believe PS3 outsold the 360 at all, but I don't think the number in the preview can be taken as accurate given the new data received. ...

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    Black Friday anecdotal evidence thread

    in Sales Discussion on 25 November 2011

    I went to an Office Depot, Best Buy, Frys, Costco, and Comp USA looking for computers for my office. Got a few good deals. Tried to pay attention to what was going on in the gaming area. Here in Dallas it seemed all the consoles were moving but all still had q bit of stock. Cheap games were picked over pong before I got there according to the store employees. Funny story, at both Best...

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    Uncharted 3 Insane Story Trailer Holy S***

    in Sony Discussion on 19 October 2011

    Troll_Whisperer said:I really shouldn't watch these videos, but I can't help it... I've been trying to watch / read as little as possible.  But I couldn't help it; and OMFGWTFBBQ this looks redonkulous....

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    Resistance 3 load times

    in Sony Discussion on 08 September 2011

    There is a 1.5 GB mandatory install, and the PS3 I'm running it on is a refurb that Sony sent me about a month ago after my 60 GB launch unit finally died. I haven't tried the campaign single player, so maybe it's something spefically with playing the came local coop. Has anyone else tried coop?...

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